What is Make £5 Grow?

Make £5 Grow gives young people aged between 9 and 11 years old the experience of starting a small business using a £5 loan from Virgin Money.

Now in its eighth year, 1,700 primary schools and over 122,000 pupils have signed up to the programme.

Benefits for pupils

The programme gives pupils an insight into how business works and helps them to build skills for the future, such as teamworking, problem solving, leadership, money management and creativity.

Engaging, educational and great fun, it delivers key elements of the National Curriculum.

Our simple programme gives you all the tools to teach pupils essential skills for life.

How It Works

It's easy and free of charge. Virgin Money provides lesson plans, resources and a loan of £5 per pupil.

The school keeps any profit made by the pupils' small businesses once the loan has been repaid.

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Simple to run

We've prepared all the resources you'll need to make running the programme quick, easy and hassle-free.

Fun for your pupils

Make £5 Grow has been designed to ensure that children not only learn, but have a great time doing it.

Encouraging achievement

Enterprise education promotes pupil engagement, which results in greater achievement and learning.

Find out moreabout how Make £5 works

Highfield Middle School

Last year, pupils from Highfield Middle School in Prudhoe made a profit of £362 by taking part in the programme.

Make £5 Grow is an amazing opportunity for all schools. It provides pupils with an insight into the world of business and manages to generate amazing unique ideas, which the pupils use to become outstanding entrepreneurs!

Carly Nichol - Teacher

Highfield Middle School: Read their story

The benefits

See why Make £5 Grow can be beneficial to both you and your pupils.

The benefits

Success stories

Read some of the feedback we've received from schools that have taken part.

Success stories

Helpful fact sheet

Download the key points of the programme to share with your colleagues.

Fact sheet