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The programme

Virgin Money provides lesson plans, fun activities and resources to support your pupils. There’s also an optional £5 loan available per pupil if required*.

It's very flexible and can be run over just a couple of weeks and before you know it, we’ll have some budding entrepreneurs of the future!

What is enterprise?
Pupils learn what enterprise means, what an entrepreneur is and the importance of building and developing individual skills.
Pupils learn the importance of teamwork and what they can each bring to the group.
Developing ideas
Pupils generate and share their ideas and begin to understand the importance of creativity in business.
Design and marketing
Pupils learn about market research and the importance of costs and financial management in business.
Budgeting for success
Pupils learn the importance of manufacturing and delivery within a budget, and telling consumers about their product or service to encourage them to become customers.

The benefits for pupils

Make £5 Grow builds pupils' business knowledge and skills, giving them an insight into how business works, while supporting key areas of the national curriculum, specifically Maths, English and PSHE.

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Six steps to business success

Step one:

Sign up

Sign up to receive access to all of the online resources needed to run the programme. *

Step two:

Get it going

Work through the modules and help your pupils to create a business plan.

Step three:

Judging panel

It’s time for your pupils to present their ideas and get feedback!

Step four:

Build it

It’s time to put those plans to the test and try creating a product or service.

Step five:

Plan the future

It’s time to think about how you can sell your product or service in the future.

Step six:


It’s time to celebrate your success. This could be the start of bright future as an entrepreneur.

* If you have requested a loan, this will be paid by bank transfer.

Register for Make £5 Grow

We want to invite all teachers and home schoolers to take part in Make £5 Grow.

Let's ignite that creative spark in kids and build the next generation of budding entrepreneurs.

We’ve got tons of great resources to help Make £5 Grow be a success in your school. You'll get access to these once you've signed up and been accepted.

Get started with your Make 5 Grow application

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Success stories

Make £5 Grow

St Augustine's Primary School

The programme is a great opportunity for the children. They thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, particularly taking ownership of their projects.

Make £5 Grow

Giffnock Primary School

Overall we had a wonderful learning experience with Make £5 Grow and we will take many of these experiences into our continued learning and hopefully into the world of work.

Make £5 Grow

Farne Primary School

Make £5 Grow is a valuable experience which introduces the children to skills they will need in later life. It teaches them about teamwork, organisation, responsibility and using their initiative. They also enjoy the challenge.

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