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Taking part

Every teacher or home school provider that signs up will get access to materials they can share with parents.

This will include a flyer for parents which explains what their child is getting up to in school while taking part in Make £5 Grow, and how the parent can support and get involved.

Each child will also receive a certificate at the end of the programme as recognition of all their hard work.

The programme is open to all children who are at school or learning at home. Make £5 Grow is aimed at children aged 9 to 11 years old, but the content is suitable for all ages.​

We recommend viewing the modules before you start and adapting the material to suit your children's abilities.​

Since we can only make a loan payment to a school or organisation, the £5 loan isn’t available to home schoolers.

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Yes, each teacher can sign up their class and get access to the online resources and up to £250 for the £5 loans. If you’re home schooling, you can sign up as many of your children as you’d like. However, we can only provide the £5 loan to schools.

They can work either alone or in teams.

We recommend working in teams, but we understand this isn’t always possible. Ideally all the children work together where they can, or are assigned individual tasks then come together demonstrating teamwork.

Now! You can start the programme at any time that works best for you.

Just enter the start date you’d like when filling in the registration form.​

The programme can be run for as little as a week up to three months. If you need longer that’s fine too, just get in touch and let us know.​

The loan

Nothing, it’s a free programme.

It's up to the school to decide how to spend the profits.

Some schools have used this to buy new school equipment, take the class on a day trip, have a party, or donated it to a local charity.

It's a good idea to involve the pupils in the decision at the beginning of the programme.​

Yes, of course! You can still access to the programme and all of the help and material that comes with it.

When you’re filling in the registration form, just put “0” in the "amount required" field.

We leave that up to you, please read our Terms of Understanding.

It is up to the school or home educator to decide what’s suitable.

The maximum loan amount for a school that has not previously ran the programme with us is £250 per teacher taking part. Each teacher taking part can sign up their class and get access to up to £250.​

However, if the school has ran the programme before and wants to borrow more than £250 then select this option on the registration form.

The loan will be sent by bank transfer and is usually sent in 3-5 working days from when you receive confirmation to start the programme.

Setting up the small business

There are many skills to be gained from Make £5 Grow. It improves teamwork, problem solving, money management, financial and risk awareness, leadership, maths, literacy and creativity. Pupils can also develop an enterprising spirit and learn about entrepreneurship.​

Yes, it would be great if Make £5 Grow trended - on Facebook or Twitter we are Virgin Money and use the #Make5Grow including @VirginMoney. Please note, any social media activity should come from an adult due to the age of the participants.

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We want to invite all teachers and home schoolers to take part in Make £5 Grow.

Let's ignite that creative spark in kids and build the next generation of budding entrepreneurs.

We’ve got tons of great resources to help Make £5 Grow be a success in your school. You'll get access to these once you've signed up and been accepted.

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