How the programme works

Make £5 Grow is a completely free programme aimed at children aged 9-11, although younger and older pupils can take part too, at the school's discretion.

Virgin Money provides lesson plans, tools, resources and a loan of £5 per pupil to help them learn about enterprise by starting a small business and making their money grow.

Pupils are split into groups and pool their money to design and develop a product or a service. At the end of the programme, the school arranges for pupils to sell their product or services at an event such as a Christmas Fair, Summer Fete, Parents' Evening or Sports day.

Everything you need to make it happen

The resources we provide enable teachers to undertake a series of simple modules which explain:

  • What enterprise is
  • Why teamwork is important
  • How to develop ideas. We've included some previously used ideas on our handy fact sheet
  • How to check whether the idea will work and keep them on track to succeed
  • Running a Judging Panel
  • How to market and sell a product or service

We even provide pre-printed certificates to hand out at the end, plus leaflets for parents and children, explaining what the programme is all about.

The pupils also get a free pack containing a wristband and badge.

It's very flexible and can be run over just a couple of weeks or months, in or around existing lessons.

6 steps to business success:

Step 1: Apply

School receives £5 per pupil, a box containing resources and a link to our guide

Step 2: Get it going

Teachers work through the modules with pupils (split into groups), enabling them to develop and plan their business venture

Step 3: Judging panel

Each group gets to present their idea.
A panel offers tips and guidance

Step 4: Build it!

Pupils pool their £5s to buy materials and prepare their product or service before selling them at an event

Step 5: Pay back the loan

At the end of the programme each team works out the profit made and the school pays back the original loan to Virgin Money

Step 6: Celebrate Success

The school gets to keep all the profit made and decides how to celebrate and spend it. Don't forget to hand out the certificates supplied!

To help ensure that everyone gets the very most out of this fun, stimulating and sometimes stretching activity, we've compiled a comprehensive range of free support resources that are available for teachers to access online.

You can download our fact sheet or sign up now.

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The benefits

See why Make £5 Grow can be beneficial to both you and your pupils.

The benefits

Success stories

Read some of the feedback we've received from schools that have taken part.

Success stories

Helpful fact sheet

Download the key points of the programme to share with your colleagues.

Fact sheet