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Term 1

As part of the Programme, we will loan £5 per registered pupil to the maximum value of £250 per teacher (50 pupils) to support schools and pupils. We will require the School to repay the original loan amount and the School will keep any profits made. If you have decided not to take a loan then this can be disregarded.

Term 2

Following successful registration we will provide a link to a comprehensive set of resources to help the School run a successful Programme ("Link"). We ask that schools keep this Link confidential at all times.

Term 3

The Programme normally runs for 12 weeks; however you can apply for a different time period when you complete the application form or by contacting us during the Programme.

Term 4

Both us and the School may publicise or refer to their involvement in Make £5 Grow. Schools may only submit details of any other person (e.g. pupil) if they have their permission or that of their parent or guardian first. We may invite the School to participate in events where pupils may be photographed or filmed for publicity purposes (for example local newspapers or television). In all invitations we will advise the School in advance and the School will ensure parental consent has been obtained for any photography or filming. We will be happy to assist the School wherever possible with events or publicity arranged in connection with Make £5 Grow.

Term 5

Any of the activities that you carry out or products made under this Programme won't be covered by our insurance policy.

Term 6

We kindly request the School completes a short on-line questionnaire at the end of the Programme to help us improve the service for other schools in the future.